Automatic Renewal
Providing that another user has not requested your items and provided that you have no outstanding fines, items will be renewed automatically. Please be aware that different maximum renewal periods apply depending on whether you have borrowed a USW or a Merthyr College item (see below).
Library users must check their online My Account (see below) and USW email account regularly as this is how library staff will communicate with the user about borrowed items.

Maximum renewal periods are:-


High Demand   –   Until recalled by another user
1 Week Loans   –   Until recalled by another user

Merthyr Tydfil College

Short Loan   –   Not renewable
1 Week Loans   –   Maximum renewal is for 10 weeks
4 Week Loans   –   Maximum renewal is for 4 months

My Account
All Library members are provided with an account which can be accessed via the My Account link on FINDit.

My Account allows you to:

  • see your loans and the dates they are due back
  • manually renew your loans
  • view your requests and their status
  • see any fines you have incurred
  • save records to your e-shelf

You login to My Account using your student ID number and password.

To learn more about your My Account watch our short film.

Self Service
You can renew your books on the self service machines in any of the libraries.

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