Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA)

Library Services has introduced a new model for the purchase of ebooks.

PDA (Patron-driven Acquisition) is a model of library collection development in which a library purchases materials when it is clear that a user wants them. We are now providing access to almost 100,000 titles through the Dawsonera (PDA) platform in this way.

Students and staff can discover all PDA titles when searching FINDit’s Library Catalogue. From here, our users may preview and/or request items.

When certain thresholds are reached for an item (e.g., number of five minute previews or purchase suggestions), the Library purchases the item and delivers instant access to the user. Items above a certain value are being reviewed by Library staff before a purchase is approved.

Please note, we ask our user placing a purchase request to indicate why they are recommending the title and to include their USW email address. This will help us notify users of purchase decisions and when the item is available to use.

Importantly, Information Librarians continue to develop and maintain library collections. They hold a budget for the purchase of print and electronic stock to support teaching, learning and research. They are in regular liaison with academic staff and actively use reading lists online to select stock for purchase.