Library Services has purchased licences for a wide range of electronic sources, including journals, newspapers, books and databases; most of these resources can be used on-campus or off-campus.

They require users to login or authenticate themselves; this is managed by username and password sets.

UNI Login
To access the University’s online resources you will need to set up your account using the
Self-service Account Administration Service (SSAA)
UNI accounts expire after 120 days, after which they must be reset using SSAA.

Federated Access Management
The UK Access Management Federation allows the University to use specific authentication systems to access its electronic resources.

Note: Occasionally, you may be asked 'where are you are from’. If it is listed, please select 'University of South Wales’ from the menu options.

Please remember you have signed to abide by the University regulations on joining the University.
Included in these is your agreement to keep all passwords issued to you confidential and to use them strictly for your own personal educational use. Use of passwords is monitored and misuse may involve you in legal or disciplinary proceedings.

These usernames and passwords will expire automatically when you leave the University.