Fines and Charges

Unless your items are requested by someone else, your items will auto renew, so you won’t accrue fines if you forget to renew.
If someone else does request an item you have on loan, you will be notified via your student email and will be expected to return the item by its due date. Failure to return will result in the accrual of fines and the item will no longer renew. Your account may ultimately be affected if a recalled item is not returned.

Fine rates

The fine rate for USW items is £1.00 per day/part of a day up to a maximum of £20.00 per item. If you have borrowed a Merthyr College item the fine is15p per day per item, up to a maximum of £10.00 per item. Please note there are differing autorenewal policies for USW and Merthyr College items which may affect the fines rate.

Please see below for fine rates for laptop and media equipment.

It is therefore very important that you read emails from us and that you check My Account regularly to ensure that your books are not needed by others, or have reached their maximum due date.

My Account

All Library members are provided with an account which can be accessed via the My Account link on FINDit.

My Account allows you to:

  • see your loans and the dates they are due back
  • renew your loans
  • view your reservations and their status
  • see any fines you have incurred
  • save records to your e-shelf

You login to My Account using your student ID number and password.

To learn more about your My Account watch our short film.

Inter-library Loan Requests from Taught Students
First five recquests per academic year are free, after that £3.00 per item for satisfied requests

Charge for Lost, Non-returned Inter-library Loans
Approximately £160.00 per item (charge imposed on us by the British Library)

Replacement of Lost Out-of-print Books
Standard charge of £25.00 per item.

Replacement of Lost In-print Books
The current cost of the book, with a minimum replacement charge of £25.00 per item.

Please note:
Prior to fines being applied a number of notifications are sent to users to alert them that they cannot renew the loan of particular items.

  • When another user places a request a notification is emailed to say that the item cannot be renewed and will need to be returned by the due date.
  • 2 days before the due date a courtesy notice is sent.
  • On the day the item is due back a notification is emailed to say the item is due back today.
  • Overdue notices will be sent 7 days and 14 days after the due day to remind you haven’t returned the book and that fines are being accrued.
  • If you fail to respond we will charge you a minimum of £25.00 or the full value of the item, whichever is the greater as part of our debt recovery process.

If you are experiencing difficulties returning items on time, please contact the Library as soon as possible.

Laptop Loan Fines
£10.00 per day or part of, subject to a maximum charge of £100.00 per item.

Equipment Loan Charges
Media Equipment Loan Fines
£10.00 per day or part of, subject to a maximum charge of £100.00 per item.

How to pay for fines and charges?

Payment can be made in the following ways:

  • By phone by debit/credit card for amounts over £3.00 on 01443 483400.
  • By cash/card payment at any of our four USW libraries.
  • By cash via the self-service kiosks
  • By using the Online Store. There is no minimum payment. You will be emailed a receipt upon payment.
  • By cheque for amounts below £3.00. Please make it payable to the University of South Wales and post to:

Library and Student Centre
Room L230
University of South Wales
CF37 1DL