ebooks are now called Full Text Online on FINDit

Where can I find the Library’s ebooks?

The Library has over 16,000 eBooks that can be found by searching the library catalogue, FINDit.
Enter your search terms then select the Full Text Online link from the results. To view the ebook select The View Online link. You can also select the ebooks tab to search only our ebook collection.

Can I print from an ebook?

Yes but publishers and copyright owners determine how much can be printed or copied. Upper limits on printing and copying are stated on suppliers’ websites.

Can I download an ebook?

Yes and no. Some suppliers allow you to download an ebook others don’t.

Having problems accessing an ebook?

Many suppliers restrict the number of people that can access an ebook at the same time. If you’re blocked from viewing an ebook it’s probably because somebody else is using it. When this happens check back at a later time. Some suppliers also give you the option to enter your email and then email you when the book is free (you will usually have to register for an account with the eBook provider to do this).

Please remember to logout when you’ve finished reading so that the book becomes available for others to use.

Free eBooks

Information on websites that provide freely available ebooks is listed here: Free eBook Collections

Where can I get help?

For help with ebooks please contact us.