The Library is under Elf Surveillance

Dewey the elf has arrived and will be hanging out in our libraries getting up to all sorts of mischief. There will be competitions, games and prizes so check in every day to see what he gets up to!

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Day 1
It’s competition time. Dewey has put us in the Christmas spirit & we want you to get involved. Send us your best Christmas shELFie in the library. The winning picture will win a £20 Amazon voucher prize! To be announced on December 15th . #USWelfontheshelf.
If you don’t use Twitter just email us your pic! Send to

Day 2
We’ve just found Dewey chilling watching BOB.
Why not join Dewey and get into the Christmas spirit with some of these classics.

Day 3
Remember your books will automatically renew unless requested by another user and you can check your account via FINDit! Watch our film to find out how.

Day 4
If you have a reservation to pick up, you still need to issue it on the self-service machines! Last day to place a request before Christmas is the 18th December.

Day 5
We hope he’s going to put these back!
Luckily, we have lots of journals & magazines at all our libraries for you to use!
We have 1000’s of online journals too, perfect for vacation study.

Day 6
Dewey thought the Librarians could do with a revamp before Christmas.
They are still available to help with research skills (probably without the beards). So book an appointment & get prepared in time for the vacation.

Day 7
Oh no! We hope nobody was locked out!
If Dewey stops you getting access take a look at all of our other study spaces available.

Day 8
If you want to visit over the Christmas period, don’t let Dewey confuse you. Take a look at our vacation opening hours.

Dewey’s album


Day 9
If you are travelling home for Christmas, don’t forget you can still access our eBooks and electronic resources.

Day 10
Dewey demonstrating how not to use our photocopiers!

Day 11
Dewey didn’t know he could return his books to any campus library, even The College Merthyr Tydfil. Don’t waste your time travelling, return them to the most convenient library for you.

Day 12
Sorry @USWStudySkills, Dewey is spinning out of control. It’s lucky these guides are online too!