Library Changes

Fairer Fines

From Tuesday 2nd May 2017 a new unified fine rate will apply. Fines will only be applied to the late return of books requested by other users. Your books will auto renew if they are not needed by anyone else so you won’t accrue fines if you forget to renew your books.
The new fine rate for USW items will be £1.00 per day/part of a day up to a maximum of £20.00 per item. If you have borrowed a Merthyr College item the fine is still 15p per day per item, up to a maximum of £10.00 per item. Laptop and media equipment fine rates remain unchanged. It is important that you read emails from us and that you check your Library Account regularly to ensure that your books are not needed by others.
Further information about this change can be found on the Fines and Charges page.

Improving our services

Each year we review services to try to improve the library experience for our customers. Below are improvements which are now in place for 2016-17.

Easier access to self-service. This year we have removed the need to enter a PIN to access self-service kiosks. You just need your ID card to take out books and check your account.

Keep books you need for longer. We have removed the maximum renewal limit on books. Students may keep books unless they are needed by other students. Please return all library items upon graduation or library membership expiration.

Requesting Books you need. If books you need are out on loan, please request them. We are putting additional resources into getting the books you need back for you.

Reducing costs for students

Free British Library Requests. If we don’t have what you need in our collections we will try and order it from the British Library request service. All USW undergraduate and taught post graduate students can now have 5 free requests per academic year. Once this limit is reached a charge of £3 will apply for each inter library loan.

Auto Renewal. We introduced auto renewal of library loans last year, which has reduced the amount of fines collected from students by 50%.

Removing the maximum renewal limit. By removing a limit on the length of time you can keep books we have removed a further way to incur fines. This means there will be further savings for students.


We appreciate any comments or feedback you may have about the library.