Your Contact with the Library


Your main contact person at the Library is the Faculty Librarian and you are welcome to contact them at any time. The other members of Library services staff are listed as well.
If you need to use the facilities offered by Media Services you should contact the relevant staff working there.

Liaison with you and your colleagues is a very important part of the Faculty Librarian’s role. Depending on arrangements made by a particular Faculty with its Faculty Librarian, the latter may attend departmental committees/meetings to help deal with Library support issues.

Where necessary, you will be consulted about the provision of print and electronic course material and about the best way of utilising material when it becomes part of library resources. This will include discussion about the delivery of reading lists, selection of material, number of copies to be ordered, and status and location of texts. The agreed University policy on a number of these issues is contained in the Library’s Collection Management Policy (PDF)

If you wish to arrange Information Skills programmes for students, your Faculty Librarian will be happy to offer advice and guidance.

Enquiries and Information

Faculty Librarians are also responsible for answering enquiries that fall within their subject areas. Advice zone Desks are staffed all year round in each campus library for basic library enquires.

The Library produces a number of guides in both electronic and print form. These include guides to the databases that Library has access to and subject guides giving an overview of resources available within a subject area.